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Urban Business Services, LLC. provides tax preparation for individuals or businesses, small business consultation, strategic business planning, and development. Our mission is to provide value through education, and play a key role in the financial growth of our clients.

Our approach is unique and seldom found at other tax firms. Rather than our primary focus being on transactional relationships, we work to foster relationships that move both parties toward a greater goal. We aren’t looking for a "big pay day" from each client we service. Those companies don’t last. We seek to further the objective of achieving economic growth, financial education, and quality service at an affordable price without compromising value.

We assist each client by utilizing strategies applicable to their unique circumstance, whether it's finding legal methods of minimizing their tax liabilities, maximizing tax refunds, or creating business solutions for revenue growth.


Contact the professionals with years of experience, integrity, and the commitment to provide you with the highest value. Contact Urban Business Services today!

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Individual or Small Business Tax Preparation & Bookkeeping


Small Business Consultation & Entity Election

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