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What is a Service Bureau?


A service bureau refers to a company that supplies tax software to other tax preparation firms. As a service bureau, you offer tax preparation software under your own brand, along with delivering comprehensive assistance, technical support, and expert guidance to those who purchase your software.


The charges associated with offering this service can contribute to the expansion of your enterprise and enhance your financial earnings.

Why Urban Business Services is the Right Choice For You!

  1. Tailored Tax Software with Your Own Brand

       Collaborate with our experts to customize the software, incorporating your preferred logo and visual identity.

  1. Individualized Support

       At Urban Business Services, we offer a service designed to cater to your unique requirements.

  1. Business Management Tools

      Gain entry to our Service Bureau portal, enabling you to effortlessly oversee and administer your clientele.

  1. Staff Training

       Urban Business Services delivers initial training sessions to familiarize your team with the software's features and ensure they are equipped to assist your customers during tax season.


 Urban Business Services & Urban Tax Solutions equips you with the essential resources for your success, including:

  1. Two distinct software versions

  2. A dedicated support team from our service bureau

  3. On-demand training options

  4. Access to a mobile app

  5. Environmentally friendly paperless office solutions

  6. Comprehensive and detailed reporting capabilities

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